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If you are an entrepreneur and struggle with credibility and visibility

If you are a speaker and are tired of unpaid gigs and the lack of authority needed to open doors

If you are a woman and have a power story to tell, and want a kind, non-judgmental safe space and support to tell it…

… You’ve come to the right place.

Just for stopping by, I have 3 FREE gifts for you!


Whether a non-fiction, memoir or fiction book, this 30-page guides shares the structure you need to get started writing your book.

Essential Checklist

There is a lot of hype in the book writing and publishing industry. This Essential Checklist cuts to the chase and tells you exactly the steps to take in a quick and easy format.

Free Discovery Call

Want to know more about the process of working with a book coach? Want to know what happens next, now that you have a manuscript written or in progress? No problem, let's chat - no obligation or charge.

My clients are already successful in their chosen careers but for some reason, (usually lack of time, or because of a learning disability, or the past when they were told they were terrible writers),  they want support in achieving the goal of becoming an author.

A published author myself, I know what it takes to pour your heart into a manuscript. It can feel overwhelming to start, continue, and to finish.

I know what it is like to question my work, wonder if it will be of value, if it will ever get done. I’ve been there!

The process of writing a book is paralyzing to some, while others believe that with support and accountability, they can get it done. Still others decide it is better to have someone else write the manuscript entirely.

Your book is one project, one task on a list, but its impact is life-long, robust, fulfilling, and exciting.

Writing a book isn't always easy, but it's WORTH it!

It’s my goal to help you through the unknown process, encourage you when you have doubt, answer your questions when you aren’t sure, and keep you moving forward with tools to push through writer’s block and kind, but firm accountability.

Finally, with your manuscript in hand, I will guide you in your next steps in alignment with your goals, and celebrate your book launch.

Together, we will achieve your dream of becoming an author!

Why should YOU write a book?

You have a story to tell…

… whether to get on stages as an EXPERT

…to make a bigger IMPACT

…to leave a LEGACY for your family

…to follow your PASSION

Writing a book will accomplish all this, and more. Writing your book

·         is INSPIRING

·         is FULFILLING

·         makes a DIFFERENCE to others


·         and creates additional CASH flow

You can do this. I can help. Download your 3 free gifts and schedule a complimentary consultation today using the links above.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing your dream!


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