34 Ways to Reuse Your Blog Content

reuse your blog

I really believe in re-using content you’ve already created and if you taken the time to write and post your blog, you should get the most bang out of your buck. With that in mind, anything on the list can also become a blog – recycle and reuse your content! Here are some ideas to reuse your blog!

34 ways to re-purpose and reuse your blog content

  1. Award applications
  2. Advertising copy
  3. Blog sharing sites (syndicates)
  4. Create a book
  5. Customer appreciation communication
  6. Customer review responses
  7. Drip campaigns
  8. e-book
  9. Freemium product (email capture download)
  10. Forms
  11. Guest blog
  12. Guest articles
  13. Handouts
  14. Infographic
  15. Letters
  16. Manuals / handbooks / policies
  17. Marketing Materials
  18. Media Pitch
  19. Magazines
  20. Newsletter Segment
  21. Online course
  22. Podcast Interview
  23. Proposals/ Quotes
  24. Radio Shows
  25. Research / compiling data
  26. Social Media Post Teaser text
  27. Speaking Engagements
  28. Speeches / presentations
  29. Trade Publications
  30. TV Shows
  31. Video
  32. Website Content
  33. Webinar
  34. Whitepapers

How to Blog in 5 steps:

  1. Write your blog (on your website or a blog site)
    1. Use best practices to get the most from search engines! (ask me how)
  2. Post a blog link in your social media platforms
  3. Consider another way to use your blog (as seen above)
  4. Do it
  5. Repeat


Need help with any of the above? I can help, either personally or through my network of contacts. I can help by doing it for you, or teaching you how. Let me know your goals and I can get you there. Contact me today for a free consultation on any writing project including editing, compiling, and reusing your blog.

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