5 Ways to Use a Ghostwriter You May Not Have Considered

a ghostwriter isn’t as creepy as it sounds

Several people have a ghostwriter to help them create written content, (including these 6 authors). As their name suggests, ghostwriters aren’t usually well known, nor are the extent of their ghostwriting services. Who uses them, and why they do, may surprise you. I’d like to share some of the ways I’ve worked with clients so you better understand what ghostwriters do. Whether penning a book, website content, or written collateral, a ghostwrite can help!

When English Is Difficult

The first book that I was hired to ghostwrite was for a bi-lingual client where English was his second language. I interviewed him and used recorded speeches to illustrate and explain the concepts and teachings of the Buddhist faith. He wasn’t confident about writing in English, even though he spoke it well. He had a large following, so ghostwriting made the most sense for him.

Other clients have come to me because they have a learning or other disability or have a traumatic brain injury. Clients who didn’t do well in English class are also on this list as they find it difficult to communicate in written form.

New Product Launch Content

I was contracted to write content about new product launches on a few occasions. Because the product was innovative and not yet a tangible product, I had to explain what it was, how it was intended to work, why it came into existence. Just like the new product needed to be created, so did all the written collateral, as there was nothing to research about it. Of course, research existed around the WHY of the product, but not the product itself. Ghostwriters are skilled at both research and creating compelling content.

Client Stories / Testimonials / Storytelling Marketing

Client stories are a form of testimonial – they follow the full story of a client from their problem to the solution. The great benefit of using client stories is that it really helps potential clients identify themselves to the other clients or customers, and help them visualize themselves as a client. They are very effective and engaging.

A ghostwriter can interview clients to create quality stories that capture the interest of others.


Articles can be created based on interviews, research, and content that has already been created such as blogs, videos, podcasts, and presentations. These articles can be submitted to trade journals, magazines, and online publications your target audience reads, or even used as a marketing piece at events.

Digital Materials

Web designers are one of my largest referring sources, hiring me to write website content for clients who don’t have the time, skill, or marketing understanding to do it themselves. Digital materials include blogs and social media posts or articles, guest blogs, whitepapers, downloadable products and more. Digital materials need to be very customer focused, but also capitalize on Search Engine keywords.


Next time you have a project that requires writing, or if you simply haven’t taken on an opportunity because it does, consider the help of a ghostwriter. A fair ghostwriter will provide you with an upfront quote and have references from former clients and projects they have done. Finding the right ghostwriter is important as well, so let’s schedule a free consultation to determine if I, or someone on my team, is a good fit.

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