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I change my bio every month or so, but it seems to always include the following: mom, daughter, auntie, friend, mentor, author, and poet. I am also a freelance writer, book coach, and writing mentor.

When my first book, Stain, was published, many of my peers asked how I did it. After all, I was working full-time. But, I have been a writer my entire life and always knew I’d write a book. After a divorce, I was determined to not let anything hold me back from my dreams and focused on getting my fiction story out. Friends and business owners I was meeting while networking began asking me if I could help them with writing and publishing the books they desired to write.

I began to support them and, along with growing a copy writing client base, was able to leave my job and focus on building my coaching and writing business.

What does Skaowl mean?

I’ve been connected to owls my entire life. I love how they are a symbol of wisdom. I love the way they look. That is the “owl” part. S is the first initial of my oldest daughter, K is for my youngest daughter, and A is the initial for Avery, the name I gave to the pregnancy between them that ended in a miscarriage. S-K-A-Owl. Skaowl is pronounced “scowl”, as in frown, just like my own logo.

My Mission Statement

Skaowl Press is nationally known for their empathetic and knowledgeable writing and publishing services for first time authors, speakers and business owners. A socially responsible company, Skaowl gives both time and financial contributions to the communities that align with our vision to empower people of all ages to share their unique voice.

My Vision

My vision is to see Skaowl Press grow into a successful national business providing coaching, mentoring, writing and publishing services to speakers and thought leaders. I see Skaowl Press helping thousands of people to share their stories, uniqueness and expertise through their published books.

Furthermore, my intention is to employ and empower other writers to have their dream job as a writer with the ability to work remotely, share their talent, and have a work life balance that is socially responsible and financially fulfilling.

Further, my intention is to equip young people to share their passion and talents in expressing themselves through the written word. My vision includes creating mentors to support young people and their creative endeavors long after I am gone. I speak to organizations about the topics of writing, publishing, and creativity.

When you choose me as your book coach you get:

No hype.

I won’t tell you that your book will be done in 45 days or less. I can’t. I’m not in control of your effort or the head trash that halts you. But I promise I’ll support you with accountability and tried and true tools to help you finally achieve your dream of being an author.

Flexible and focused.

I’m also not in control of family vacations, aging parents, or brilliant bursts of genius that make you change the direction of your manuscript in the middle of the night. I’ve learned to be flexible with the creative process as it dances alongside real life, but I also don’t let it dance out of sight. Together, we will get your book done.

My activated calling.

Have you met someone, or are you the person who is doing the thing you felt was in you to do since childhood? In elementary school, I was a writer. I always said I’d grow up to be an author and while my life took some turns, I believe I am truly living my calling. From the Young Authors Conference in 3rd grade to the English Honor Society in college, writing and the craft of writing is my passion.

book signingServant leadership.

Leadership for me comes through in truly serving the needs of those around me. My greatest desire is to see my clients successfully achieve their dreams and goals. I serve in a way that facilitates that with both humility and skill. If you need a boot camp style coach to get you motivated, I’m not your coach. But, if you want someone to come beside you to get this done, let’s get started.


I have often received feedback that I am kind in my coaching approach. From my perspective, we all come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences that create who we are today. It is my goal to help you be the best YOU can be, nothing else. Your unique voice is as important as your story. Some writing coaches and/or editors have their own goals in mind and push those. In kindness, I allow you to be you while I polish the edges to have you roll into this accomplishment.

Big picture.

Life is beautifully rich and your book is only one piece of the picture. I’ve worked with clients who wanted a book to boost their speaking career, to compliment their established business, to give to their children, to tell their inspirational story, and to fulfill their dream of writing a novel. Each of their goals were unique and none of them were singular in purpose. I see and understand this.

More than me.

I have built several relationships within the industry, so I offer connections to others as you need them. My vetted partners ensure your book turns out exactly as you want. Current and former clients are often still in contact and we utilize each other for additional support as we are all working towards completing our books.

My Books Include:

Stain, 2013, Available on Amazon

stain by kris jordan

How to Write a Book: a short guide for first time authors, 2019, available on Amazon


My Best Friend Gia, coming 2020


See my personal blog and learn more about my books at www.KrisJordanAuthor.com