DIY Support Package For Non-Fiction Authors

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Is your budget a bit tight, but you know you need some instruction to get started, and direction when you are done writing your non-fiction book?

Are you the kind of person who likes to do things on your own?

If you are wanting to write and self-publish your non-fiction book, there are some HUGE mistakes we want you to avoid, so you can be proud of what you have accomplished.

Kris Jordan of Skaowl Press, and Susie Schaefer of Finish the Book Publishing have teamed up to bring you the ultimate Do-It-Yourself (but do it with education) Non-Fiction Author Package.

Here’s what it includes:

  • A 30-min introductory session with both Kris and Susie to understand your book goals and dreams so we can customize your experience towards your unique needs
  • A 3 hour coaching session with book coach, Kris, to help you get really clear about the action steps you need to start and finish your book, as well as the pieces to create a STRONG foundation (which saves you time and money in the long run).
  • Four hours of coaching (In two 2-hour sessions) with Certified Publishing Consultant, Susie, to help you navigate the mines of self-publishing to help you be set up for success. Your first session will guide your next steps for producing your book, and the second will deal with positioning your book to make the most money!

All sessions are done by Zoom from the comfort of your home or office (or anywhere), and are available to English speaking and writing clients world-wide.

Investment: $1147 (pay in full, or two payments of $575)

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What do your coaching sessions cover?

After the initial intake, we will cover the pre-manuscript tasks (whether or not you’ve already started writing), and go through each together to launch you into your writing with confidence.

To create a successful end product, taking time to get really clear and build a strong foundation, before you begin, is essential. Many first-time authors skip this entirely and they end up spending time re-writing key components after editing, AND they spend more money with the editor (and at an average of $65 per hour and up, this can add up quickly!)

During our working session, we will:

  • Determine your MARKETABLE topic
  • Uncover your intended reader(s)
  • Establish the ‘voice’ to use
  • Create an outline
    • Create the end goal
    • Clearly define what to include
    • Determine what to exclude to cover your butt
    • Tell the RIGHT story
    • Identify any areas where research may be needed
  • Pin-point areas that could be legally “messy” such as confidential information, slander, song lyrics, legal ramifications, etc.
  • Identify concepts, characters, settings and timeline
  • Suggestions for overcoming writer’s block and creating accountability (critical to actually FINISHING)
  • Determine your budget and your timeline
  • Begin researching how to position your book in the market to make money along with your business goals, so you can leverage your book as a revenue source
  • AND, any other questions we can get answered for you

Once you are ready, you will then begin your coaching with Certified Publishing Consultant, Susie Schaefer with Finish the Book Publishing to help with the PRODUCTION phase of finishing your self-published book.

Your Book Production Session is FOUR HOURS of dedicated one-on-one private coaching in either one or two sessions via Zoom.

  • Understand the components that make up your cover and why they are SO important, including:
    • back cover blurb
    • author bio
    • ISBN
    • publishing logo
    • spine width
    • and more
  • Coaching on the “bit & pieces” of the book interior, including:
    • Copyright Page
    • Dedication
    • Foreword
    • Resources
    • Acknowledgments
    • Back Matter
    • Your long ‘About the Author’ bio
    • and more
  • Interior layout overview, with training on what to look for AND how to proof a layout so it looks professional and not cheaply self-published (it is EASY to spot and you don’t want to make these mistakes!)
  • Guidance on how to upload final files to Amazon KDP
  • How to optimize Author Central so you get found
  • Creating a Best Seller campaign with your e-book
  • Tips for marketing including how to incorporate book sales into your business
  • AND.. any other questions we can get answered for you!

At the end of your experience, you will be equipped with the knowledge you need to create a successful, quality book that you can be proud of.

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We are EXCITED to work with you to bring your non-fiction book to the world!


About the Coaches:

Kris Jordan, Book and Writing Coach with Skaowl Press

image of Author Kris Jordan

Kris Jordan has been a writer since elementary school where she proudly announced she would be an author one day. That day came in 2013 with her first self-published novel, Stain, a Young Adult realistic drama. She have several other short published works in numerous anthologies and publications and has thousands of non-fiction articles written and published on behalf of her clients.

She has helped over a dozen first-time writers become authors, including speakers, entrepreneurs and even students and grandmothers. She hopes to inspire more stories to be birthed into the world.


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Susie Schaefer, Certified Publishing Consultant with Finish the Book Publishing

image of Susie Schaefer

Susie Schaefer is a Certified Publishing Consultant & project manager with a demonstrated history of working in the publishing industry. She is skilled in marketing, media, networking, nonprofit organizations, advertising & news writing, creative writing, sales, business coaching, brand imaging and public speaking, and acting!

She loves helping entrepreneurs, coaches & consultants professionally self-publish their book to elevate their business and have leverage to get those speaking event bookings!image of finish the book publishing logo featuring a pineapple