Rolling Accountability Writing Group

Do you need accountability and support to finally get your book done?

Have you been a member of an online writing community and just aren't getting the specific, actionable help you need?

Have you been part of an in-person critique group or writing meet-up only to find it completely unhelpful?

You've Come to the Right Place!

This on-going writing accountability and coaching group has been designed to help writers who want:

Most of us know, because we’ve tried and failed, that without someone holding us accountable to our goals, we just don’t get there. Or, we get there very slowly.

Being in a community of others with the same goals, helps build inspiration and motivation. It makes us keep going.

Those of us who have been in critique groups know that sometimes the feedback is less than helpful. Because this group is ran by me :), a successfully published writer, author and coach, you WILL get quality feedback.

Again, another downside of some critique or writing groups is that others don’t always show up, or show support. This community cares, and there are no grumps allowed.

Ask for and receive feedback – this is safe space. Tools and tips for giving critique are given so you can help others and also get feedback.

Meet others who are on the same path as you, or who have been there and learned. Ask questions, make connections and build your story along with your community of writers.

Many writers, especially those I call “passion writers”, write because they love to. They tend to have more time than money, so they spend it here, rather than on more expensive one-on-one coaching programs. (Or, they use this until they are ready for that, or supplement the program with some spot coaching to save money.)

As with everything in life, practice helps you improve. Become a better writer by reading other’s work, sharing yours, or by stalking the questions and answers and applying what you’ve learned.

If you are afraid of sharing your work, you can practice being brave with us, in a safe environment. No one will correct you without your request for a critique. This is safe space.

Here's what the writing group includes:

  • Weekly Accountability Check-ins
  • 2 - 90 Minute Zoom Calls Every Month
  • Peer Support Through a Private Facebook Group
  • Writing and Critique Resources, Tips and Prompts
  • Introductions to Vetted Referral Partners in the Writing & Publishing Industry
  • Optional Discounted Coaching Sessions with Me
  • A Monthly Newsletter
  • Fun

The Format:


Each On-line 90 Minute session looks like this:

-We start with a brief greeting and I (or a partner), shares a writing lesson and associated writing prompt to build skills and warm up our minds for writing. (5-10 min.)

-We take 5-8 minutes to warm up with our writing prompt. Participants offer feedback, comments and/or questions. (5-10 min.)

-We set the timer for 20 minutes and shut off our video and sound and WRITE. This can be your book, blog, presentation or whatever project you need to work on.

-We take a 5 minute break (in alignment with the Pomodoro Technique)

-We set the timer for 20 minutes, shut off distractions and write again.

-We take a 5 minute break

-We do our last formal 20 minute block and write.

When we conclude our session participants are encouraged to:

  • take a break OR
  • continue to write AND/OR
  • submit their work to me (for additional accountability – critique/review offered for a fee)

Ready to Join Us?

Step 1:

Register Here to check out the group. Your first month is FREE

Step 2:

Show up at the digital events (we meet via ZOOM Conferencing Рopen a free account to connect by phone or computer)

Step 3:

Post discussions & questions in our Facebook Group as they come up during your writing. You will never be asked to share your writing, but you are welcome to.

Step 4:

If you choose to continue with us, just pay for your monthly ticket ($9.99), or save by paying for an annual membership ($97). This isn’t due now, it will be billed after your first month. There is no minimum – you can cancel anytime.

Ready to Finally Get the Writing Support You Want and Need?