Book Writing Options

My book coaching options have been designed to help you in the most common ways, in a variety of budget levels. Don’t see an option that fits, or aren’t sure which to pick? Contact me and we can discuss the solution that meets your specific goals.


Option 1: Foundation Session

The Foundation Session is designed for people who aren’t really sure how to get started and know they need some help. Start here and build a strong foundation for your book. An essential one-and-done solution for a great start! Learn more here.

Option 2: “Punch card”

This option is for clients who feel pretty good about writing their book on their own, but want to have a coach for accountability, spot coaching, NLP processes, manuscript development support, publishing help, and more. It is pre-paid access to me as a coach to use as you wish with no expiration date. Add on coaching hours, as needed for as long as you need – no commitment.

Use your “punch card” with the structured DIY Program for a more robust coaching experience, which you can learn more about here.

Option 3: Full Engagement

Full Engagement is my most standard package and is for first time authors who want the Foundation session, accountability, coaching, NLP processes, manuscript development, guidance and more. We meet by Zoom or phone every week (or every other week) and review approximately 10 written pages submitted in advance. We talk about structure, cadence, style, editing, flow, outline, what to include/exclude, and more, and we do this until your book is complete.

This is typically a 4-6 month engagement where you have full access to me to get your manuscript completed. This option is best for non-fiction and memoir authors who have a deadline in mind.

Option 4: Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is designed for people who are unable or uninterested in writing their own book, but understand the value of having one. Some examples of clients who found ghostwriting to be a good fit include:

  1. A busy executive who wanted to capture the processes he teaches. We compiled his body of work into a longer format and better readability for him to sell during his speaking engagements.
  2. A small business owner with a learning disability or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), who wanted to have a book to sell from stage when she speaks about her business practices. Again, we transcribed past talks and compiled her presentations and conducted interviews to gather information for the book.
  3. A religious leader who wanted to write a book in English, but that was not his first language. Instead of hours spent converting his native tongue into English, he used me to interview him and write his book in order to reach a new audience.

Are you ready to write your book?

Let’s schedule time to chat and see which option is the best fit for your goals, budget and style, and let’s get your book done this year!

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