Featured Author: Susan Frew

Susan Frew, New Author of Pufferfish Effect: Secrets to Crush Your Competition

Susan Frew is a keynote speaker who wanted to have her systems and strategy for marketing captured in a book to sell from stage, as well as have it allow her bigger and better stages. Primarily asked to present at trade industry events, she wanted to broaden her reach. Her book was written with the background of her industry, but with that widened viewpoint that allowed her to cross over into new markets and speaking gigs.

Her non-fiction book walks readers through the steps she took to grow her family business over 400% in a short three years. The insider secrets are part coaching and part school-of-hard-knocks as her knowledge was put to the test, and she learned what worked, and what failed as she innovated her way to the top. Just like a pufferfish makes themselves bigger and stronger, applying the strategies she shares in her part memoir, part business book, allows other small business owners to look larger, and crush their competition, even with a small budget.

Find her book Pufferfish Effect on Amazon, and learn more about her as a speaker at: https://www.susanrobertsfrew.com/

Featured Author: Dave Bahr

Dave Bahr, First-Time Author of Prave: The Adventures of the Blind and the Brittle

First Time Author

Dave Bahr is a first-time author and owner of In-sightful Living. Dave is an accessibility expert, helping companies to better understand and successfully interact with people with disabilities. His memoir features stories of the love between him and his late wife, Priscilla – two headstrong people with very different but complementary disabilities: blindness and brittle bones. They met in an advocacy group and fireworks flashed, making them inseparable. Their stories include laughter, fear, sadness, and frustration at the treatment by those with ignorant or downright inappropriate behavior towards them. No one can walk away from this story without feeling inspired, angry and more aware.

Learn more on his website, or find him on Amazon.

When Kris and I first met, I thought I’d be having her ghostwrite my book, but she encouraged me to write it along side her instead. Since I was going to be using it for speaking, she felt it was important to capture my unique voice and sense of humor.
Kris was beside me not just with writing the sometimes difficult memories on paper, but also there to talk me off the ledge during the highs and lows of the process, guiding me to just keep writing and being there for support and encouragement along the way. I couldn’t have done it without her, nor her partners in the post production team.

Featured Author: Kevin Guttman

featured author kevin guttman

Kevin Guttman is the best selling author of The Swiss Army Knife of Retirement Cash Flow.

Kevin and I met in a networking group. As a mortgage lender, he felt somewhat lots in the sea of competitors and wanted to really stand out as an expert in his field while also helping his clients to overcome misunderstanding about an important product in his industry – reverse mortgage. For him, writing a book was a Marketing solution.

Because he is in a regulated field, he couldn’t offer advice, so decided to focus on stories of people, from a variety of backgrounds and life situations, who leveraged their homes with reverse mortgage. The Swiss Army Knife of Retirement Cash Flow is a collection of stories compiled using information from case studies, reworked into fictional accounts to demonstrate facts in a compelling way.

He has used his book to get more clients, open the door for speaking opportunities, increase his industry credibility, and, even went on to create additional compilation books on his own. He leverages these low cost books (and their e-book format) to help promote education in a variety of ways.

Learn more about Kevin Guttman and his books here.

book ghostwriter

Featured Author: Sue Relihan

Sue Relihan Metamorphosis - One Woman's Journey to Serenity & Empowerment

Sue Relihan is the best selling author of Metamorphosis – One Woman’s Journey to Serenity & Empowerment

When Sue and I met, she was looking for someone to help her craft her story and had already purchased a publishing package from an established publishing house. She was looking for accountability and help with structuring her manuscript.

Her former career required her to write reports, but they were cut and dry – no room for embellishment or opinion. She had to be sure in writing her story that she didn’t break confidentiality agreements nor did she want to hurt or slander anyone in the story, but also treat it with authenticity.

She has used her personal story to show prospective clients how she got into her new line of work and the transformation she went through. Today, she uses her book to gain clients, garner speaking gigs and further her mission: to inspire women to refine their purpose, stand in their truth and ensure they maintain an appropriate work-life balance.

Learn more about Sue and what’s she’s up to at: www.SueRelihan.com