Featured Author: Kevin Guttman

featured author kevin guttman

Kevin Guttman is the best selling author of The Swiss Army Knife of Retirement Cash Flow.

Kevin and I met in a networking group. As a mortgage lender, he felt somewhat lots in the sea of competitors and wanted to really stand out as an expert in his field while also helping his clients to overcome misunderstanding about an important product in his industry – reverse mortgage. For him, writing a book was a Marketing solution.

Because he is in a regulated field, he couldn’t offer advice, so decided to focus on stories of people, from a variety of backgrounds and life situations, who leveraged their homes with reverse mortgage. The Swiss Army Knife of Retirement Cash Flow is a collection of stories compiled using information from case studies, reworked into fictional accounts to demonstrate facts in a compelling way.

He has used his book to get more clients, open the door for speaking opportunities, increase his industry credibility, and, even went on to create additional compilation books on his own. He leverages these low cost books (and their e-book format) to help promote education in a variety of ways.

Learn more about Kevin Guttman and his books here.

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