Ghostwriting provides you with quality content written by a professional writer that you use as your own. You maintain all rights to the content, position yourself as an expert, and save time. It is ideal for those wanting to have a book to sell from the stage or to use to open more opportunities, but when the author doesn’t have the time to create the work for themselves.

We can use your body of work (blogs, videos, courses, handbooks, processes, applications, etc.), and interviews with you and/or your clients, team members and more, to create your signature book.

Ghost Writing

Ghost Writing Your Book (we write, you review)

Ghost writing is for clients who need:


  • a quality manuscript
  • more time
  • a quick turn-around

You don’t have the time or skill to write, but are dedicated to having a book done. You need a completed manuscript of 30,000 – 50,000 words in 4-6 months and introductions to other professionals to help you bring it to market. Pricing depends on what materials you have already created, number of interviews and items to be compiled. Let’s talk for a specific quote.

What it includes:

  • up to 12 60-minute interviews to get the information needed to write your book ($1800 value)
  • 60 hours of writing and research by a professional writer ($9000 value)
  • 3 60-minute edit and review sessions ($450 value)
  • introductions to industry professionals to bring a polished book to market


Ghost Writing

Ghost Writing Your Content (we write, you review)

Let my team of content writers provide the content you need to present yourself as the expert in your field.

I was interested in home-based business two decades ago, and today love to support at-home and/or remote workers through Skaowl Press. I vet the writers and oversee their work so you get quality content without the trouble of interviewing, chasing them down or providing countless 1099’s at the end of the year.

My team of writers can provide:

  • consistent, on-going blog content
  • articles
  • website content
  • e-books
  • whitepapers
  • transcriptions
  • handbooks/manuals
  • brochures
  • flyers
  • speaker one sheets
  • bios
  • profiles
  • social media posts
  • case studies
  • presentations/workshops
  • speeches
  • obituaries
  • and MORE

Not only will you get great, quality content from a real, American, English-speaking person, you will be supporting a remote workforce. Learn more about why this matters to my vision.