How to Leverage Authorship in Your Business

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I’ve helped nearly 20 first time authors with writing a book and getting it published over the last three years. I have self-published my own young adult novel and have traditionally published several short works. I also have written hundreds of website pages and thousands of blogs. I currently write 25-30 Search Engine Optimized (SEO) blogs per month for my clients.

As a book coach and writer, I have found that most female business owners don’t promote themselves enough. I believe a book is the ideal medium for a woman, not only because it allows her to put a stake in the ground of her industry and claim her rightful spot, but also because it allows her to build her business and a passive income source at the same time. So today, I wanted to share a bit with you about how you can leverage being an author in your business.

The Benefits of Writing a book include:

Creating a more recognized name. Sometimes it is easier to promote a book than your service offerings because it is a lower entry point and doesn’t come across as a hard sell push, while also getting your name out there.

The ability to get interviews and speaking gigs. When you have a book, you can now use that to open doors for speaking opportunities.

You are seen as an expert in your field. By creating a work as significant as a book, you are saying to the world that you know what you are talking about.

You are seen as successful. A book is HARD work, and the fact that you put it all together and made it happen shows others you are successful.

How to Leverage Your Book

When you write a book, you can leverage it by:

  • Getting speaking gigs and selling from the stage
  • Using speaking gigs to build your email list
  • Submitting it for awards
  • Doing book signing events
  • Creating a book tour
  • Promoting it in other formats
  • Pitching it to media
  • Giving it as a gift to clients
  • Giving it as a gift to potential clients
  • Donating it (or proceeds) to an organization near to your heart
  • Throwing a party
  • Implementing a Best Seller Campaign


But writing a book is HARD

It is true that writing a book is a big task, but just like anything in life, you can focus for a short time and get it done with long lasting results, or you can keep procrastinating and putting it off.

7 Ways to Make Writing a Book Easier:

  1. Put accountability in place such as a writing group, coach, or fellow writer
  2. Time block – make and hold an appointment with yourself to write
  3. Use a ghostwriter – if you really don’t have the time, skill, interest or ability, someone else can do it for you
  4. Take it one step at a time – don’t overthink it. Eat that elephant one bite at a time
  5. Remember it is personal development and a sprint that will end. Many authors get their books done in under 9 months. That means you can have your book done THIS YEAR!
  6. Use what you already have – compile your blogs, podcasts, videos, live event content – you don’t have to start from scratch
  7. Imagine the contribution you will be making to the world by sharing your expertise. Visualize how it will feel to hold your book in your hands. See your name on the cover and hear someone ask you to sign it.

When my book came out and I did a launch party, I invited media who were happy to cover the event for free. I felt famous and it was amazing. I want everyone to feel this good, and you can. It is worth the work, in my opinion, and I’m here to help with a variety of options ranging from free and inexpensive, to complete and customized support.


If you have questions about writing a book, the process, how it looks to work with a coach or ghostwriter, publishing options, or more, contact me for a free consultation. I’m happy to help.

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