Memoir Video Series

After talking to a friend about how much I love biography and memoir, she encouraged me to do what was on my heart to do… a Memoir Video Series! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get the weekly video post where I interview some of the most amazing people! 

Learn a unique perspective, be inspired, and discover new information from people who may walk a different path than you!

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A Sample of Some of the Videos:

"When I'm 100% responsible, that's when I get my power and freedom back" - Melissa Jean

St. Patrick’s day 2013, Melissa found herself gang raped and quickly discovered the four men she accused had more rights that she did as the accuser and victim. Years of recovery and healing later, she is the founder of Lioness Living LLC, an inspirational personal coaching and public speaking firm. As a post traumatic growth coach, speaker, and alchemist, Melissa empowers women to be courageous, powerfully vulnerable and responsible in order to get their power and freedom back, and live a passionate and purposeful life.

"Life doesn't have to be a struggle." - Karen Howeth

At age 31, Karen was diagnosed with cancer and given less than 5 years to live. A mother and wife, she mourned the thought of never meeting her grandchildren – who wouldn’t even be a blimp on the radar until after she was gone. Her heart broke and she went into severe depression and under doctor’s “care”, until she decided there must be a better way, and took her healing into her own hands.

"How do you know what is abuse, and what's not?" - Susie Schaefer

Susie was married for nearly 13 years when she noticed her husband’s behavior start to change. The truth was there were signs all along, but it took a break away – a week in a safe house – to really see the abuse for what it was. Narcissism is a buzz word right now, and there’s a lot of confusion about what is and isn’t abuse. Often we question and second guess ourselves, and it’s ok to take a break for objectivity and clarity.

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