How to Hire a Ghostwriter Who is Right for You

While all ghostwriters say they can write for you, it’s important to note not all writers are created equal. When you hire a ghostwriter, it may seem straight forward: find a writer, hire them. But your goals really need to direct your decision, and they should have the portfolio that proves they are not only the right writer for you, but can also demonstrate their success. How do you know if a ghostwriter has what it takes to be your writer? Here are some tips to get your started:

Ask to See Their Related Work

To hire a ghostwriter, ask to see their work. The right one will be able to provide you samples of their work. Hopefully, they have samples in your industry or at least genre, but not having it shouldn’t disqualify them. Look at what they submit to you and read it as though you wrote it. Does it hold your interest and sound like how you would want to sound? More importantly, would it appeal to the types of clients you want to work with?

You can ask for a sample of work where they write a piece for you, however, you should expect to pay for it. It will help you to see how they handle your subject matter and “voice”. Some writers will not be the right fit and that’s ok; just like any service provider, some will be better for you than others.

Ask Them Their Timeline

Ghostwriting is very time consuming. It’s important to understand from the start when the ghostwriter feels they can start and finish your project. Ask for references from former clients and contact them to see what their experience was in working with the ghostwriter. Ask about their adherence to deadlines and how it was to work together.

Ask About Their Pricing/ Contract Terms

According to a recent Huffington Post Article, a good ghostwriter will charge thousands of dollars. I don’t like that they aren’t really qualifying that with an associated word count or quality. I still like the article because I think it helps shed light on what many people don’t understand, however, and that is ghostwriting is difficult and requires time and skill to get it right.

When looking to hire a ghostwriter, ask about pricing and look at what you expect to make in return. Also ask about contract terms such as whether you will be requiring an editor, marketing team, etc. beyond their service. You may think you are buying more or less than you are, so it is important to understand the full scope of services your writer is providing.

Get the Right Fit, First Time 

Bottom line, when it comes time to hire a ghostwriter, it is important to find someone who understands your goals, voice, and expectations. Asking questions upfront, and seeing their work before making a commitment will determine if they are the right fit. If you need help finding a ghostwriter to work with, please contact me – I have a variety of writers on my team who may be perfect for your writing needs.