Featured Author: Susan Frew

Susan Frew, New Author of Pufferfish Effect: Secrets to Crush Your Competition

Susan Frew is a keynote speaker who wanted to have her systems and strategy for marketing captured in a book to sell from stage, as well as have it allow her bigger and better stages. Primarily asked to present at trade industry events, she wanted to broaden her reach. Her book was written with the background of her industry, but with that widened viewpoint that allowed her to cross over into new markets and speaking gigs.

Her non-fiction book walks readers through the steps she took to grow her family business over 400% in a short three years. The insider secrets are part coaching and part school-of-hard-knocks as her knowledge was put to the test, and she learned what worked, and what failed as she innovated her way to the top. Just like a pufferfish makes themselves bigger and stronger, applying the strategies she shares in her part memoir, part business book, allows other small business owners to look larger, and crush their competition, even with a small budget.

Find her book Pufferfish Effect on Amazon, and learn more about her as a speaker at: https://www.susanrobertsfrew.com/